World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), 10th September

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 9 September 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), 10th September, is a global public health day focussed on raising awareness and understanding about suicide prevention.

The theme for 2021 is “Creating Hope Through Action” which aligns with the focus on collective and individual efforts reflected in our national strategy to reduce suicide, ‘Connecting for Life’.

WSPD is a time when each and every one of us can demonstrate to others in our lives and communities that there is hope. Even though suicide is a very complex issue, we can, and should always, signal to people who are vulnerable or experiencing suicidal thoughts, that we care and want to support them. This helps to create a more compassionate society where those who need to, feel more comfortable in coming forward to seek help.

Partner pack for World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) has provided a Partner Pack for WSPD 2021 (attached) containing social media images, recommended messaging, and suggested actions we can all take to create hope.  (below)

I would be very grateful if you could circulate information regarding WSPD and these key messages in whatever way you can -  to your staff/team within your organisation, work setting, community group; on your organisation/group social media platform, etc.

Creating Hope Through Action

Here are six simple actions we can all take, that can help create hope with others.

1.                   Reach in - Reach in to someone you know might be struggling or to someone who you know has struggled before.

2.                   Reach out - If you are feeling particularly low or hopeless, always remember that sharing things with someone else will help.

3.                   Reconnect – Find ways to re-establish meaningful connections for people, wherever they have been lost or damaged. A good sense of belonging is important for people’s mental health.

4.                   Learn more – Learn more about suicide prevention and how to recognise and identify people who might be at risk of suicide, confidently ask them about suicide, and connect them with resources that can help.

5.                   Show your support - Connect with a support or community organisation - volunteer, help spread their messages, and become involved in activities that help promote positive mental health and wellbeing, or suicide prevention in your community.

6.                   Know where to turn - Get to know what mental health services and supports are available, and tell more people about them.

Attached also is a copy of a communication which is being featured this week in all the regional publications within the six counties of CHO8.  The content is focused on building resilience and connectedness within the community and includes a  ‘call to action’ to participate in the online training programmes which are available (LivingWorks Start and Introduction to Self-harm).    Information on the emergency supports and services that are available are advised, as well as a link to the Midlands/Louth Meath ‘Connecting for Life’ webpage on which all local and national signposting and informational material is available in an accessible manner.

I would be grateful if you could also circulate a copy of this advert and perhaps print it off and place it prominently within your work setting so that the message of ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ can continue every day and not just on World Suicide Prevention Day.


Kind Regards



Josephine Rigney
Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention - Laois/Offaly.

HSE Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO)
Old Birr District Hospital, Birr, Co. Offaly.  


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