‘In This Time’ Special Purpose Scheme (Arts)

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 7 January 2021

‘In This Time’ Special Purpose Scheme (Arts)

Westmeath County Council wishes to open a special Scheme ‘In This Time’, funded by the Arts Council, with a specific focus on innovative local interventions or in-person experiences which will engage the public safely in the arts. We recognise that many people have not been able to engage with a live arts and cultural experience for many months and equally that many artists have not been able to engage with audiences and participants in person. We also recognise that a return to live arts experiences as we know them, will take time and people are spending more time in the places where they live.

We would like to offer the opportunity to artists to propose projects that meet with some of the below - desired outcomes:

  • Meaningful arts experiences that will connect with communities and audiences around Westmeath in a way, or ways - that can be delivered safely.
  • Encourage innovative ways of communicating and engaging with audiences (many of whom cannot leave their homes, or other residences), which may include (but is not limited to) music, performance, literature, visual arts, film.
  • Creative interventions can include presentations like projections, temporary installations, deliveries, broadcast, print, outdoor events.
  • Aims to engage communities such as older people, children, families, new communities, rural places and urban spaces.
  • Artists may wish to partner with cultural spaces in the county that have the capacity to house audiences safely.
  • Opportunities for collaboratively based programmes among artists to deliver scalable projects for their communities.

We are interested in projects that reflect upon the past year and bring a sense of hope and optimism for better things to come.


  • This Special Purpose Scheme ‘In Our Time’ was agreed in cooperation with the Arts Council of Ireland (funder of scheme) and Westmeath Arts Office - in response to Covid restrictions and artists’ limitations in situating their work in community settings.
  • This scheme stipulates Artist(s) apply for an intervention between €5,000 and €7,000.
  • 1 x application per Artist. / 1 x application per Community Group/Organisation.
  • Three to four projects will be selected.
  • This is a competitive scheme for Westmeath based artists.
  • Applicants previously in receipt of grants must have provided their previous years’ feedback reports to apply for this scheme.
  • Projects should take place before Easter 2021.

More information and application form https://www.westmeathcoco.ie/en/ourservices/yourcouncil/councilnews/inthistimespecialpurposeschemeforartistsandtheircommunities.html