Green Kilometer Scheme

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 8 February 2021

Green Kilometer Scheme

A Green Kilometer scheme has been launched recently. It invites people to adopt a kilometer or so of road and maintain it over the year. Attached the flyer for your information.

The Green Kilometer scheme invites individuals and groups in rural areas to become involved in looking after their own locality. Westmeath County Council is very aware, and appreciative, of the vast amount of work being done by Tidy Towns and community groups however, they will never be able to reach every kilometer of the 2,302* kilometers that run through the county.

Many people in our community would like to contribute to their local area, especially since Covid, with an increase in walking and cycling as this has increased awareness of the litter that may be seen along the roadside, the wildlife that exists in the hedgerows/roadside and built heritage features such as old gates, water pumps etc.

The Green Kilometer scheme offers the opportunity to get involved and make a positive contribution to your local area.

See attached flyer for more information