Westmeath PPN Call for Nominations

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Ursula.Harper • 10 March 2022

Westmeath PPN Call for Nominations

For Election of Volunteer Representatives (Reps)

- Closing date 21st March 2022


Westmeath PPN is extremely proud of all its volunteer representatives who give of their time to represent WPPN so diligently and effectively on many committees and boards.  Without these volunteer representatives, WPPN would not be the Voice of the Community that it is.

Westmeath PPN currently has 36 Reps on 18 structures in the county including Westmeath Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs), Westmeath Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), Joint Policing Committee (JPC), Westmeath Community Development (WCD) etc.  This gives PPN members eyes, ears and a voice in local decision making.

WPPN wants to give a sincere vote of thanks to ALL of the WPPN Reps on ALL the Structures who give of their time, talent and experience to represent the member groups of Westmeath PPN

In line with terms of reference of the various committees; WPPN constitution and good governance WPPN will be holding elections at its April Plenary/AGM for the following WPPN representatives – Secretariat, Planning & Transportation SPC & Rural Water Monitoring Committee.

Therefore, WPPN is now calling for nominations from its member groups for representatives to go forward for election at our Plenary on 6th April.  WPPN are seeking nominations from PPN members for the following Elections for:

  • WPPN Secretariat (1 Mullingar/Kinnegad Municipal District & 1 Community & Voluntary Pillar)
  • Planning & Transportation Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) (1 Community & Voluntary Pillar)
  • Rural Water Monitoring Committee (1 Community & Voluntary Pillar)

See attached nomination form(s) for more details – Note as per WPPN Constitution; WPPN Reps can only be elected to a maximum of two committees on behalf of WPPN.

Completed Nomination Forms must be returned by midday on the 21st March 2022

Nomination forms and more details of each committee/board are attached to this email and also on www.westmeathppn.ie or by request in hard copy from info@westmeathppn.ie or 044-9338939


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact info@westmeathppn.ie or by calling 044-9338939