WPPN Plenary meeting 6th April 2022 Presentation

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 7 April 2022

WPPN Plenary meeting 6th April 2022 Presentation

What is Westmeath PPN?

Westmeath Public Participation Network is a framework for public engagement and participation that is now well established and supported within the Westmeath Local Authority area.

The establishment of Public Participation Networks is part of a national reform process which is changing the way local government and citizens engage with each other.

The PPN is the main link through which the local authority connects with the community and  voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

This presentation is an overview of what we in Westmeath Public Participation Network have been doing in 2021 and plans for 2022 into 2023

This presentation will cover following items:

Welcome & Housekeeping 
WPPN Structure update 
WPPN Review 2021
WPPN Workplan 2022 – 2023 
WPPN Nominations & elections
Age Friendly Consultation 
WPPN Where to from here 
Questions & Answers 
Thank you & Close