Insurance - national call for information

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 12 April 2022

Dear PPN Member

This issue of rising insurance continues to be a major concern for the community and voluntary Sector. We received the below email from the Alliance for Insurance Reform with regard to their current efforts to campaign for change. In order for them to effectively challenge the current hikes, they need to have solid data on which to base their argument. If you have 2 minutes, please let them know the current insurance situation facing your organisation.

Kind Regards

PPN Team


Dear Alliance Member

The current results of our 1-Minute Survey continue to show liability renewals averaging +16%.

These ongoing premium increases combined with a lack of any meaningful additional progress in recent months and the uncertainty around the upcoming Cabinet changes due in December suggest that we need to give a renewed focus and urgency to the campaign right now.

So, unless we see substantial progress on key reforms very soon, we will be holding an Insurance Reform Day in the very near future.

 In advance of that Day, I would ask you to please circulate the following to your members:

In advance of a major push to get key insurance reforms over the line, such as a rebalanced duty of care and a reformed Personal Injuries Assessment Board, we need to get an update on where our members stand on the issue of insurance. The following is a link to a very short survey on the issue and how it is affecting you. 2 minutes of your time on this survey would be a big help to the Alliance as we prepare for the next phase of our campaign: