About Us

What is the PPN?

The PPN is the national framework for public engagement and participation that is currently being established within the Westmeath Local Authority area. The establishment of Public Participation Networks is part of a national reform process which is changing the way local government and citizens engage with each other. The Public Participation Network (PPN) is organised in accordance with  the Westmeath Local Authority.

The PPN is the main link through which the local authority connects with the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.


How does it work?

The PPN is made up of Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental organisations that are registered to the PPN. These are the three electoral colleges of the PPN and groups who register with the PPN will be required to select the Electoral College that is most relevant to their aims and activities.

The PPN acts as the hub around which information is distributed and received. It facilitates networking, identify issues of common concern, and elect representatives onto decision making bodies such as the Joint Policing Committee, Strategic Policy Committees and the Local Community Development Committees.


What is its aim?

The aim of the PPN is to facilitate and enable as many groups and organisations as possible, operating within the wider community, to articulate and give a voice to, the diverse range of views, issues and interests within the local government system. It also aims to give a strong voice to the more marginalised groups in society and to the environment groupings. It results in the creation of one county register for all groups thereby creating a stronger voice for the whole sector with more possibilities for increased citizen engagement.