Westmeath One Million Stars to End Violence in Ireland

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 5 August 2021

Westmeath One Million Stars to End Violence in Ireland (OMS)

Mullingar Mental Health Association in conjunction with Westmeath Age Friendly Programme are offering your group an opportunity to engage in a very exciting and worthwhile project . The “One in a Million” project is a world wide project which your group can be part of and enjoy whilst highlighting a very important challenge in our society. The project seeks to increase awareness of the presence of domestic abuse and violence in our community in a very innovative manner.

The project is based on the making and showcasing of “stars” . The project will be very visual once completed and will be shown in many counties and countries across the globe.  Each star weaved by participants represents light, hope and solidarity against all forms of violence and this is your opportunity to get you and your group member and /or  neighbours and family engaged in the wonderful initiative.

If you sign up for this opportunity by contacting Julia or Finola on mullingarmha@mentalhealthireland.ie before Tuesday the 17th August we will

  1. send you on a starter pack with instructions and a sample star
  2. offer a group member/s training in how to make the stars so you can share your new skills with the rest of your group
  3. donate a number of reams of ribbon to your organisation for you to use to put the stars together
  4. offer you an opportunity to be part of a world wide initiative and put your groups mark on this initiative
  5. participate in the media campaign for the project

Please don’t miss out on this massive opportunity to be involved in this great initiative and fun activity by contacting Julia or Finola on mullingarmha@mentalhealthireland.ie  before Tuesday the 17th August 2021


Finola & Julia – Mullingar Mental Health Association

Annette – Westmeath age Friendly Programme Manager, Westmeath County Council

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