€340,000 available for projects under the LEADER TRANSITIONAL PROGRAMME & EURI PROGRAMME

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 26 July 2022

€340,000 available for projects under the

                                               LEADER TRANSITIONAL PROGRAMME & EURI PROGRAMME

The Transitional LEADER Programme seeks to address the challenges facing rural Ireland with an emphasis on job creation, the environment as well as remote working and maximising the potential of broadband in rural communities. The Programme also provides resources for communities and community groups to respond, recover and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Westmeath Community Development on behalf of Westmeath Local Community Development Committee invites Expressions of Interest from potential applicants for projects that meet with the aims and priorities of the Themes and sub-themes of the LEADER Transitional Programme as outlined below;

LEADER Theme/Sub-themes



Theme: Economic Development, Enterprise Development & Job Creation

1.4 Broadband



Maximising the potential of broadband and the digital economy in communities, including through skills development and building awareness and usage of available remote working facilities.



Theme: Rural Environment

3.1 Protection and Sustainable use of Water Resources

3.2 Protection & Improvement of Local Biodiversity

3.3 Development of Renewable Energy



Support for new and innovative projects in the area of climate change, environmental protection and the green economy.


Potential Projects/Initiatives:

Under the Theme of Economic Development, Enterprise Development & Job Creation (Sub-theme Broadband)

Projects/initiatives may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Enhancement of community broadband hubs
  • Small scale Equipment (such as in-building boosters which ensure a reliable connection for end users, in-door cabling) Community website development
  • Initiatives that will assist in the development or enhancement of ICT capacity within communities

Please note that Broadband Physical Infrastructure and Broadband Electronic Communications Network Infrastructure are NOT ELIGIBLE for LEADER funding.


Under the Theme of Rural Environment (Sub-themes; Protection and Sustainable use of Water Resources, Protection & Improvement of Local Biodiversity)

Projects/initiatives may include but are not limited to the following;

  • Development of Community gardens and orchards
  • Tidy towns initiatives aimed at enhancing land and water-based biodiversity Initiatives aimed at promoting biodiversity & its importance within the wider community
  • Initiatives aimed at promoting the importance of protecting our local water resources
  • Analysis and Development actions including Feasibility Studies

Under the sub-theme of Development of Renewable Energy;

Projects/initiatives may include but are not limited to the following;

  • Installation of renewable energy and associated energy efficient measures
  • Analysis and Development actions & Feasibility Studies

Rates of Aid:

Capital and equipment projects may qualify for up to 75% grant aid

Analysis & Development (Feasibility Studies/Business Plans) projects, communities up to 90%, private 75% 


Do you have an innovative project idea which may qualify for LEADER funding?

Please contact a member of the LEADER Team in Westmeath Community Development to discuss your idea or to request an Expression of Interest Form:

Theresa Geoghegan tgeoghegan@westcd.ie       

Peter Ormond pormond@westcd.ie

Anna Duffy asduffy@westcd.ie


Closing Dates:

Closing Date for receipt of Expressions of Interest is 31st August 2022

Eligible expressions of interest will be invited to complete a Full Application for LEADER Funding. Closing date for receipt of FULL APPLICATIONS is 14th October 2022.