Joint Policing Committee Report 2017: See attached

Report Mullingar Municipal District to Westmeath PPN May 2018 See attached

Report Athlone Municipal District to Westmeath PPN June 2018 See attached

WPPN End of Year 2018 Report to Joint Policing Committee see attached


Public Participation Networks Annual Reports

2017 Public Participation Networks Annual Report See attached


Westmeath PPN Leaflet

Westmeath PPN leaflet : See attached


LEADER Powerpoint Presentation See attached


Westmeath Village Plans July 2018

  • Rosemount Village Plan: See attached
  • Coole Village Plan: See attached
  • Castletown Geoghegan Village Plan: See attached
  • CollinstownVillage Plan: See attached
  • Street Village Plan: See attached
  • Milltownpass Village Plan: See attached
  • MultyfarnhamVillage Plan: See attached


Westmeath Heritage Plan 2018 - 2023


National Heritage Plan 2018 - 2022

The Heritage Council has announced the publication of its new five-year strategic plan, which sets out its vision for Irish heritage and maps the route towards realising that vision.  Heritage at the Heart is the fifth strategic plan published by the Heritage Council since its establishment under the Heritage Act in 1995. - See Attached


Learning Resources


Book: Tools for Community Participation: A Manual for Training Trainers in Participatory Techniques

Training courses offered: IAP2 Training - International Association for Public Participation



Developing Logic Models
Developing Logic Models: Logic models help us plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate more effectively. Many funders and organizations require logic models. This training will provide activities with handouts, slides, and other resources to assist social service agencies to create and use logic models for the purposes of program evaluation.