Apply Now for RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Grants

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 1 April 2021

Apply Now for RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Grants

The Toy Show Appeal was established to raise funds for Irish children’s charities through the televised Late Late Toy Show. Throughout the night, over €6,000,000 was raised to support a variety of organisations that support vulnerable children. 50% of the funds raised have been donated to three charity partners: Barnardos, Children’s Books Ireland and the Children’s Health Foundation.

The remaining funds will be distributed as grants to organisations supporting vulnerable children across the country. They will be distributed through an application and assessment process and focused around the following themes. 

Strand 1: Ensuring basic needs.

As it stands, about one in ten of Ireland’s children grows up in consistent poverty. That could mean living in a household with a very low income and without basics such as heat or nutritious food. The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly exacerbated this social inequality so the need for action is greater than ever. Proposals to this strand should ensure that children’s basic needs are met, such as warmth, security, safety, food and housing.

Strand 2: Improving well-being.

Disability rates are increasing amongst our children and young people, with 6.7% of the under 20’s in Ireland now classified as having a disability. The need for disability and respite services is particularly acute for children. Proposals to this strand should create opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of children who are disadvantaged or have additional needs.

Strand 3: Reducing inequality through creative engagement.

Creative programmes, when used to engage disadvantaged and marginalised children, can help reduce inequality, build confidence and break down social barriers. Proposals to this strand should create opportunities for children to engage with creative and cultural activities that enhance their personal development.

Funding Available

Registered children’s charities and charities working with Ireland’s most vulnerable children and young people are eligible to apply for funding in this grant round. Organisations can only apply once to one of the strands for funding between €25,000 and €150,000.

  • To be eligible to Strand 1: Ensuring Basic Needs, organisations must have an annual income of €500,000 or more.
  • To be eligible to Strand 2: Improving Wellbeing, organisations must have an annual income of €500,000 or more.
  • To be eligible for Strand 3: Reducing Inequality through Creative Engagement, organisations must have an annual income of €250,000 or more.

Collaboration between organisations is encouraged where measurable impact is amplified for the beneficiaries. The organisation applying for the grant must be eligible based on the criteria above and should be the lead partner in the project.

The Community Foundation Northern Ireland is in receipt of 10% of the funding from the RTE Toy Show Appeal and will be distributing grants to organisations in Northern Ireland. Please see their website for further information.

Learn More

For further information please see the criteria documents below. We recommend that organisations read through each criteria document before making a decision about applying.

  • Opening Date for applications: Friday, 5 March 2021
  • Closing Date for applications: Friday, 16 April 2021

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