LEADER Community Funding Explained - Free Webinar by The Wheel

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 10 May 2021

LEADER Community Funding Explained - Free Webinar by The Wheel

Are you interested in exploring funding opportunities for your organisation within the LEADER rural development programme?

If so, please join The Wheel online on Tuesday, 25 May at 10:30am for their Introduction to LEADER Funding training.  https://www.wheel.ie/training/2021/05/introduction-leader-funding

With a budget of €70 million for 2021 - 2022, the LEADER programme operates on a locally-led / bottom-up approach to meeting the needs of local communities and businesses. LEADER supports private enterprises and community groups in rural areas.

Brought to you by The Wheel’s Access Europe programme and 2into3 Nonprofit Consultancy, this event will focus on:

•             Characteristics of LEADER funding 

•             Transitional funding available for 2021–2022 

•             Programme themes and priorities 

•             Grant application preparation


The Wheel will present best practice models to help you write a quality LEADER application. And, as usual, there will be an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with facilitator Patricia Keenan during the Q&A session. 

Note: there will be two follow-on events in June which will explore the LEADER application process in more depth and offer organisations an opportunity to receive feedback on their proposals. Details to be available soon...

This is a free and open event - registration is required, with the Wheel  

Register to attend: https://www.wheel.ie/training/2021/05/introduction-leader-funding