Energy for Generations Fund

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 19 January 2022

Energy for Generations Fund

ESB's Energy for Generations Fund sees €1m per year disbursed through a quarterly fund to charities working in the areas of suicide prevention, homelessness and education access and support.  

ESB has been supporting initiatives in the areas of suicide prevention and homelessness since 2005. The Energy for Generations Fund introduced a new focus on education in 2014, which recognises the need for educational supports at all levels to ensure that Ireland has the skills it needs to compete effectively.

Aim of the Energy for Generations Fund

Our aim with the Energy for Generations Fund is to maximise the impact of our investment by taking a more strategic approach to effect change. Funding is only part of the jigsaw – we also want to leverage the skills and knowledge we have within the company to bring about more sustainable and positive outcomes.

Support for Staff Volunteering

The Energy for Generations Fund provides support to ESB staff who volunteer within their own communities. Staff who volunteer at least 20 hours of their own time per year will be invited to apply for funding of up to €250 for their chosen registered charity. 

Many of our staff are involved in volunteering activities in their spare time, but we have never had any formal structure to support or encourage this in the past. Through this funding, our aim is to demonstrate our support for the work our staff do within their own communities.

Closing date 15th March 2022

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