WPPN May 2022 Newsletter

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 28 April 2022

WPPN May 2022 Newsletter


WPPN Linkage Groups are open to all PPN member groups; and are the way that PPN member group/organisations can have a real input into policy and decision making in their area of work/interest, as it allows them to have conversations with WPPN elected volunteer representatives who are on committees and structures throughout the county. We are delighted to be holding the next linkage groups in person  this May. Please see page 2 for further details on dates and locations.


WPPN  are delighted be  working with Mullingar Mental Health Association, Mental Health Ireland on the One Million Starts event  taking place on Saturday 07th May. This is a Health, Wellbeing & Arts Event taking place in Belvedere House, Gardens & Park, Mullingar - See page 4 for further details.


Thank you as always to all the groups which have contributed to this month’s newsletter, as always, it’s wonderful to hear of the great work volunteer led community groups are doing in these very trying times. We would love to hear and to share your good news stories and initiatives through our PPN network of over 800-member groups. Please let us know if there is anything you want us to share to:  info@westmeathppn.ie  


WPPN wishes to express sincere gratitude and respect for the never-ending and vitally important work that WPPN member groups do and the contribution you all make to people, families, communities and society. As a volunteer – you are part of the amazing and precious national asset — our community and voluntary groups, and social enterprises.  Volunteers, do what they do because they hope, believe and make a difference. WPPN will continue to champion your work where it matters.


Please remember Westmeath PPN website is updated almost daily; keep in touch and up to date www.westmeathppn.ie