Social Inclusion, Rural Development, Youth and  Enterprise, Linkage Group  Meeting Meeting

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 26 July 2022
in group PPN Community
Event date 12 Sep 19:00 - 21:00
Event location St. Patricks Hall Delvin

WPPN Social Inclusion, Rural Development, Youth and  Enterprise, Linkage Group Meeting
Next meeting  12th September 2022

The primary role of WPPN elected reps on committees/Structures is to consult with WPPN members and to represent the views of the entire PPN membership on the committee/board; the easiest way for this to be done is via Linkage Groups. 

Similarly, the PPN Linkage Groups will be there to support and assist the WPPN reps, by peer learning and support, discussion, and letting them know the concerns and issues of WPPN Membership groups. 

The PPN Linkage Group members will be expected to work in a spirit of collaboration, showing due respect to other opinions and views and will be facilitated to come to decisions through consensus where possible.

Please note that a WPPN Rep/Member can be part of as many Linkage Groups as they have an interest in.
The basic Agenda for Linkage Group meetings will be as follows:

  • Welcome/ Introductions/Facilitator
  • Guest Speaker 
  • Minutes of previous meeting 
  • Discussion
  • Date of next meeting

Please see below the dates for the next linkage group meeting 14th September 2022. 

Social Inclusion, Rural Development, Youth and  Enterprise, Linkage Group Meeting
Location— St. Patricks Hall, Delvin, Co Westmeath
Monday 12th September 2022  at 7.00pm 

For further information or register to attend please email :