Connecting Communities with Peatlands

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laura.costello • 8 September 2022
in group PPN Community
Event date 8 Sep 10:23 - 28 Sep 19:00
Event location Tuar Ard Arts Centre • Church Street, Cartronkeel, Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Wed 28th September at 7 - 9pm, Tuar Ard Arts Centre workshop Connecting Communities with Peatlands project is collaborating with Our Irish Heritage to encourage people to ‘Know Your Bog’ using an online interactive map that is part of the Know Your 5K initiative to support communities to record bog stories, history, culture, and biodiversity. Queries to

Aims of workshop to:

  • Inform community groups/individuals about the online map & its benefits
  • Spotlight bog heritage and culture in the locality
  • Show people how to submit information, photos, videos, etc. onto the online map