Schools Invited to join us on a guided tour in the Luan Gallery

Brigid Geoghegan
Brigid Geoghegan • 22 November 2018

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I would like to invite you to join us on a guided tour in the Luan Gallery, Athlone.  Our current show  “Cast “ features work by seven different Sculpture artist including; Mel French, Don Cronin, Kevin Killen, Cecilia Bullo, Martina Coyle, Gabrielle Sampson and Katherine Sankey  .  The work on display provides a great educational experience as the artists explore a variety of Topics. Cast introduces kids to sculpture as a form of art. Showcasing  Light based work, Classic and traditional work and 3D installations , This exhibition provides  us with the unique experience of viewing a wide variety of Sculptures from  Ceramic and marble sculptures to work with Neon Lights and recycled materials. This exhibition is open until Friday the 30th of November.

We support the Learning and development in the arts and creativity by providing schools with guided tours. Our tours teach children how to develop their own opinions of the artwork on display. We stress the importance of using their imaginations to help interpret the artwork. Through our discussions of the work the children engage with the art on an educational basis and each student learns from the opinions of their peers guided by our informed team.

Activity Sheets are an integral part of the tour guide experience as we believe they ensure the children play an active role in developing, implementing and evaluating the artwork. The activity sheets encourage children to challenge themselves in new ways as they are asked to answer questions about the art, which insists that they look closely and focus on the work. They also encourage the children to do their own drawings of the work. This allows the children to interact with the art in their own way. With this we aim to inspire and creatively drive the children forward in actively seeking work that inspires them. Drawing exercises insist that they use their creativity and imagination which helps boost confidence levels as we give them plenty of positive feedback and praise their drawing skills. Throughout these activity sheets the children learn new words for describing art and developing their language skills. They allow us to show the children a fun way to experience visiting a gallery.

During their visit the children learn to analyse, evaluate and criticise art. They play an active role in developing, implementing and evaluating the art work.  But most importantly the children enjoy their experience while enabling their creativity and connecting them to the arts and creativity infrastructures locally.

To Book a tour please call us at: 09064 42154 or email us at:

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